Allison Bishnoram – Mortgage Broker in Stouffville, Ontario

Allison has been in the finance industry for over two decades and has been licensed to deal and trade in mortgages for over 10 years. 

After getting her feet wet in the industry for the first couple of years, she started working towards her goal of owning her own brokerage. Over the years, she has moved into the management and training role and recently became a business partner with Jo-Anne Keddie and have acquired their own Dominion Lending Centres franchise. Allison comes with diverse knowledge of the mortgage industry and keeps herself up to date with all regulatory changes. She also has knowledge alternative investments, real estate based. During her time in the industry, she has gained a lot of knowledge and has fantastic relationships with the lenders, as well as a long list of private lenders. 

Above all, as the Principal Broker of the brokerage, she takes pride in meeting all compliance regulations and ensures that all staff members do the same. Honesty and meeting the clients needs are first and foremost in our brokerage.

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Jo-Anne Keddie – Mortgage Broker in Stouffville, Ontario

Jo-Anne spent 25 years in the Marketing and Advertising industry before becoming licensed as a Mortgage Agent. She now has a partnership with Allison in the ownership of DLC Castle Mortgage & Financial Group and they both have licensed agents reporting to them.

As Allison specializes in B lending and Private lending, Jo-Anne specializes in A and A++ clients, she works with the institutional Lenders to provide her clients with the best rates and mortgage terms. Jo-Anne has built a reputation with the Lenders and can get a mortgage funded in less time than most.

Jo-Anne and Allison also have private money from investors to lend in mortgages for individuals with bruised credit who have been turned down from the banks. Mortgages are offered on a one-year term and are interest only payments monthly payments. We are also looking for additional investors who are interested in receiving a 9% annual return on their investment.

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